Hypnosis can be a life-changing experience

As a consulting hypnotist I do NOT treat or diagnose any physical or mental ailments, but I do offer a wide variety of services not limited to the list below:

Anxiety / Mood Management

Recognize and respond to triggers

Performance Enhancement

Help artists perform at higher levels

Teeth Grinding / Nail Biting

Recognize and manage stress

Confidence Boosting

Silence the inner critic

Cease Smoking / End Addiction

Find the strength to overcome toxins

Weight Management

Regain control to make better choices

The Process

The Secret of Hypnosis

Part of the human condition is seeking the optimum conditions for our mind, body, and souls. Oftentimes we have a conscious understanding of where our behaviors and emotions originate. We may even develop practical solutions to our own observations, yet still struggle to practice them.

Hypnosis is the bridge that aligns our corrected subconscious to our conscious self. Once the fault lines within the subconscious are discovered, they can be addressed and used to serve our needs rather than hinder them.

How to Prepare

Have a clear & open mind and a ready attitude.

Before embarking on your hypnosis experience, prepare to relax and let go of the heavy burdens – known or unknown – you have been carrying through your life.